MSR014 Tankified- Volume I CD


TANKIFIED is a recording project by Steve Wensil- Guitars, Prehistoric Jon-Bass/Vox, and Barry Hannibal-Drums/Vox

"Most of the songs on TANKIFIED- Volume 1 were songs and riffs that were slated to be the next now defunct/on hiatus? THE DEAD KINGS release. The DEAD KINGS featured Stabb Frehley, a.k.a. Steve Wensil and Biggy Stardust, a.k.a. Jeff Williams, who also appears on TANKIFIED Volume 1 doing lead vocals on "Rock N Roll Is Not For You", "7734","Kneel Before Zod, and "Liver Die"....We brought in former ANTiSEEN and Chronic Disorder bassist/vocalist Doug Canipe to do vocals on "Cramping Your Style"....Prehistoric Jon did the vocals for our cover of Alice Coopers cover of Music Machine's "Talk Talk", and Barry Hannibal handled the vocals on "I'll Survive", "Kamikaze","Tankified" and "Cold Slither"....the song from the GI Joe cartoon, that fulfills Steve's lifelong ambition of covering that song." - Tankified