MSR021 Warboys- Hot Brass CD

Image of MSR021 Warboys- Hot Brass CD


Debut CD from new NC rock'n'roll outfit WARBOYS out now!

The Smallwood brothers of THE FLAT TIRES join forces with the Bowman brothers Jordan (FLAT TIRES, ex-DEAD KINGS) and Jon (ex-ANTiSEEN, ex-SELF MADE MONSTERS) in a full-on barrage of rock n roll! Eight originals and a ripping version of Rolling Stones' "Star Star."

1. Thrilled To See You
2. You Ain't Comin Back
3. Who Ya Think Ya Foolin?
4. I Ain't Ya Goddamn Dawg
5. Warboys Alma Mater
6. Hot Brass
7. Kill For You
8. Somebody Wants To Kill Me
9. Star Star