MSR022 Forbidden Fruits of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. II

Image of MSR022 Forbidden Fruits of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. II


28 bands from the US, Italy, Japan, and Australia! The best of the worst, the best of the best, the scum of the Earth. Punk, rock, metal, experimental, country- this disc has something for everyone to hate!

1.The Stovebolts- Over The Limit
2. Cop Graves- Chills and Fever (Ronnie Love)
3. Future Hate- Subshit/Guillotine Licker
4. Erectile Dementia- I Don’t Care (Ramones)
5. Kepone Cowboys- Devil’s Song
6. Lenoir Swingers Club- I Wanna Date Your Hair
7. Rancid Vat- Die Hipster Die
8. Warboys- Warboys Alma Mater
9. Barbatos- Wild Rock ’n’ Roll Party
10. Haylee & the Komets- Nobody (Toni Basil)
11. K.I.F.F.- Prank Caller
12. Brody’s Militia- The Remains Decay The Same
13. Street Clones- Extinction A-Go-Go
14. Malcolm Tent- Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Mind Control
15. Hep*Z- Nisi Pain (live at Horriblefest May 2012)
16. C.C.C.R.- Call and Respond
17. Superioid- Kids Are Out Tonite (Supernaut)
18. The Chica Negra- Bleed
19. Chad Davis- Lungs (Townes Van Zandt)
20. WVRMS- Invented Limb
21. Hellstomper- Ain‘t Dead Yet
22. Self Made Monsters- He’s Waiting (Sonics)
23. Shitcan Dirtbag- Life’s A Bitch
24. Svetlanas- D.I.Y. Rehab
25. Taped Fist- Beer Pressure
26. Thing Sloth- The Golden Bat
27. Zodiac Panthers- DDT
28. Ultrabunny- Forbidden Fruit Jelly