MSR029 ANTiSEEN- Live at Rebel Sound 11-20-10 "Official Raw Live Bootleg" CD digipak


ANTiSEEN-LIVE AT REBEL SOUND Pittsfield, MA 11-20-2010

A crushing live set from the "New Blood" lineup recorded by Eric Rayno. This "raw live bootleg" is the original bootleg recording with no edits, overdubs, or sonic improvements. Layout design based on Eric Rayno's original bootleg cover layout.

1. Queen City Stomp
2. Today Your Love
3. Stormtrooper
4. I Don't Ask You for Nothing
5. One Shot One Kill
6. Up All Night
7. . . . and they call us hillbillies . . .
8. Black Eyed Susie
9. Fornication
10. The Witch
11. Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
12. N.C. Royalty
13. Sweet Blood Call
14. Nothings Cool
15. Cactus Jack
16 Justifiable Homicide
17. Star Whore
18. I Don't Like You
19. Fuck All Y'all
20. Sabu
21. Two-Headed Dog

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