MSR030 Future Hate- Potboiler CD

Image of MSR030 Future Hate- Potboiler CD


Future Hate from Mobile, Alabama unleash a full throttle punk rock assault on the senses by seamlessly fusing elements of punk/hardcore/thrash with something slightly more . . . out there. The venom and relentless intensity of Miranda Macabre's vocal delivery leaves no doubt that Future Hate exists in a present state of hate as well.
Released and distributed by Jackhammer Music(Japan), Mystery School Records(US), Deadlamb Records(Ireland).

1.Goat Eyes
2. Plinko
3. Punch Little Babies
4. Fucking Your Wife
5. Doomed At Birth
6. Spice Jam
7. SubShit/Guillotine Licker
8. Sleepover Dad
9. Blood Pipe
10. Swarm On 'Em Boys