MSR038 ANTiSEEN- "We're # One!" + bonus tracks CD


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Available for the first time on CD! Now with bonus tracks from recent 7" singles! The original 12" version of ANTiSEEN- "We're # One" EP from TKO Records is out of print, but here is your second chance to get ahold of these modern classics from the 35 year Heavyweight Champtions of Rock n Roll!

"We're # One!"
1. Fight Like Apes
2. Favors Are Over
3. The Dean of Sods Speaks
4. Lo-Fi
5. The Dean of Sods Speaks #2

*Bonus tracks*
7. Do It Now! (Malcolm Tent)
8. Don't Tell Your Mom (Tunnel Rats)
9. Let the Working Man Rest A Little Bit (single version)
10. If I Had $1,000 (Rupture)